Welcome to MikesBoats.com! (migrating webservers this week...7 Jan 2019)

We sold our boats and moved to Alaska! In fact we sold everything!
...and glad we did!

Looking forward to the next wooden boat project as soon as the snow melts!

Since December of 2012 we have built two wooden boats. A 12 foot Classic Dinghy and a 16 foot Jericho Bay Lobster Skiff. We have the strips cut and station molds set up at our new home in Alaska, and hope to complete another one this year. We will share news as things progress. A photo slideshow was made of the construction of a Jericho Bay and Classic Dinghy and can be viewed from this page. We hope you might find inspiration to build one yourself!

Below: About to hop in the Classic Dinghy at Lake Lanier

The 12 foot cedar classic dinghy. Built from a compumarine.com plan, but we do not know if the plans will continue to be made available or if that website will be maintained anymore. (Thanks John!)

March 31st photo below. 7 weeks since starting on the Jericho Bay Lobster Skiff. Fiberglass is on the way.

I can be contacted at mike at alaskamike.com
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